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Felipe Oliveira
Traditional Astrologer Felipe Oliveira
Traditional Astrologer Felipe Oliveira

My Approach

If you have reached a point where you are willing to pay to have a question answered it is because it is important and has a significant impact on your life, or on the life of your loved ones. 

I treat your questions with confidentiality and the respect and care they deserve. Whether it is a challenging relationship situation, an illness, a career change, a legal judgment, a financial investment, or one of many other life situations, I can help you make knowledgeable and grounded decisions by minimizing or completely eliminating guesswork from the equation.

We all need information in order to function in life. We get information from people we trust, from professionals in all fields, from friends, from books, from the news, from Google, wherever. Through a Horary Astrology consultation I will give you information directly from your spirit guides, who have an overview of your life and the paths and choices you have before you. You are basically asking them your question. I am simply the middle-man, the messenger.

I have little to no interest in theory alone. Knowledge has to be applicable in practice to the needs of life in order to improve life, thus my affinity with horary astrology rather than with other branches or types of astrology.

Only horary reaches for the heavens while keeping our feet on the ground, connected to the realities of our daily living, and assisting in our decision-making.



I received the diploma of horary craftsman from John Frawley, one of the greatest living masters of Traditional Astrology. I also studied Traditional Medical Astrology with Oscar Hofman. I have studied, researched, practiced, and developed the body of Traditional Astrology since 2005. Some of my contributions to the craft can be found at


Other Pursuits

You may learn about my other life activities by visiting my personal website at