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Health & Medical Questions

Ask about physical, mental and emotional health. Receive answers to all pertinent questions. Treatment, surgery, prognosis, choosing a healer, outcome of procedures.

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Diagnostic Medical Questions

For DIAGNOSIS questions select the DIAGNOSIS option from the menu below. This consultation includes the following:

Also includes answers pertaining to your condition (see the STANDARD questions on this page.)


Standard Medical Questions

For simple NON-DIAGNOSIS health questions select the STANDARD option from the menu below. Some examples of standard questions are:


Note: If your case is an emergency please do not purchase this consultation and consult a doctor.

Note: for dietary recommendations, I will analyze your diet and point out known offending foods according to your elemental imbalance  and I may offer substitutes, if possible. I am not a doctor or trained nutritionist or herbalist so this consultation does not include prescriptions or a treatment plan. However, the information I will give you will support your overall health and other treatments you may be considering or undergoing. The recommendations offered will serve as a springboard for you to further your own research into what upsets your health and what will help in your process of self-healing. 

The information offered through this service has not been approved by the FDA or any competent governmental agencies and does not constitute medical advice of any kind.

Ask a Health / Medical Question

$145 ~ $225

Enter your questions and describe your situation on the checkout page. Your text will be sent to me along with your order.


NOTE: The “astrological comments” option includes the astrological technical reasoning behind the interpretation only. It does NOT add any extra information to the interpretation or to the answer to the question.


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