Your question will fall into one of the four types below. Read about each one carefully and make sure to read the the FAQ before ordering. Contact me if you need help deciding.

Relationship Questions

Ask about any type of relationship including romantic, marriage, family, friends, business and creative partnerships, and more. This is about you and the people in your life.


Relationship Examples

Money & Work Questions

Ask about finances and career. Stock-market, investment, property purchase and sale. Jobs and salaries. Vocational questions. Betting. Business endeavors and profit.


Money & Work Examples

Medical Questions

Ask about physical, mental and emotional health. Receive answers to all pertinent questions. Treatment, surgery, prognosis, choosing a healer, outcome of procedures.

$145 - $225

Medical Examples

miscellaneous questions

Miscellaneous Questions

Ask about anything that is important to you. Travel, relocation, children, legal matters, political elections, personal challenges, vocation, the weather, lost cats... Anything, really.


Miscellaneous EXAMPLES