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The answers below clarify common questions related to horary astrology consultations.

Horary Astrology does not rely on a birth chart. Horary astrology requires only a specific question and the astrologer reads the answer from a chart drawn for that specific question.

The Horary method addresses any subject you like and produces a degree of specificity and accuracy that is impossible to achieve by using a birth chart. Think of Horary Astrology as an oracle.

Read this article to learn more about Horary Astrology.

You ask a question and I write down the answers to your question and email it to you along with any comments that may be helpful to you. You can read the answer and absorb the information at your own pace, and then email me back to ask me for further clarification if you like.

Occasionally, if the subject is sensitive or complex I will recommend a video conference to discuss the information given from the chart reading at no extra cost.

This type of consultation is not a counseling session. I primarily give you information and that information facilitates your understanding the situation you are in and making your own decisions.

The answer is not automated or computer-generated. It is written by a real person, myself. This is real ancient astrology; the consultation is a contact between two human beings (you and I) and those who send the answers “from above”.

The written interpretation is done entirely by hand and is customized to each consultation. A computer is used only to draw the necessary horary astrological chart and to enable us to communicate.

No. I use Horary Astrology. It is an astrological method that is much more accurate than birth chart astrology.

Horary Astrology is the only astrological method designed to answer specific questions with accuracy.

In medical questions, however, you may give me your birth chart information because I can give you useful information about your birth temperament based on the birth chart. But that is optional.

It depends on the questions. Questions that are related to the same subject can be answered together in a single consultation.

For example: does she/he love me? Will our relationship survive? When will I see her/him again? These are all related.

Will I get married and get a job? These are two unrelated questions and require separate consultations.

Questions about physical and psychological health can be answered in one consultation, as they are related and connected.

You will have to ask them one at a time by purchasing separate consultations.

Purchase a consultation and ask your most important question first. I will then give you the answer.

After you receive the answer to the first question you may ask the second question. After you receive the second answer you ask the third question, and so on. This will likely take a few days to complete.

DO NOT send me multiple unrelated questions together as this will render the consultation null and impossible to answer. Horary Astrology works by addressing one subject matter at a time.

If you have doubts about this contact me for clarification.

Yes. Friend, partner, husband, wife, children, parents are all common subjects of questions. You can also ask about celebrities, politicians, whoever. Or your pets, and even plants.

All that is required is that you have a genuine interest in who you are asking about. It does not matter whether they are close to you or not or whether you know them personally or not; yet it is rare that somebody will pay to ask about people they do not know personally. It is up to you.

First and foremost, I can accurately diagnose your state health in a similar way to how Eastern doctors (Chinese, Tibetan, Ayurveda, Unani/Greek), etc.) can. This diagnosis determines the type of imbalance in the four elements that you have. From there a series of recommendations can be offered to help you restore the balance and minimize or remove the cause of your symptoms as well as to abate the symptoms themselves.

Second, the information I provide about your health can save you time, money and aggravation by avoiding unsuitable treatments. I can tell you whether a treatment you are considering will have a positive result or not, including surgery. Likewise, I can tell you if a health practitioner is capable of helping you or not and/or I can help you choose between different practitioners.

Third, I can tell you the prognosis of your state of health.

Fourth, I can tell you what you may be doing to yourself that is contributing to your ill health. That is, I can uncover bad habits that you may not be aware of.

The information from the reading can give clarity about where you are on your spiritual path and reveal what the current challenges and lessons are. The information is invaluable to help you reset and re-align your mind with your inner compass and your spiritual goals while remaining aware and grounded in the reality presented in your daily life. 

I do not tell stories about our wonderful future as an awakening species; I tell you about things as they are for you as an individual so that you may continue doing your spiritual work based on verifiable information about your own personality and the world you live in and experience.

If you ask a “YES or NO” question, the answer may simply be YES or NO.

However, I may give you additional information that will be helpful in your specific situation, if available.

DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL QUESTIONS may take up to seven calendar days, depending on the complexity of the situation and the questions.

ALL OTHER QUESTIONS may take up to 72 hours.

All time frames are approximate and I reserve the right to extend them within reason if I need to. I am not a machine and nothing is automated. Every piece of information you receive from me is manually written. Be patient so that I may have adequate time to dedicate to your consultation.

If you have an emergency and require information fast please choose “rush service” at checkout.

Yes, they are of three types:

It may happen that a chart is unreadable to me, so I cannot know the answer to the question. In that case, I will issue a prompt refund and the transaction is canceled.

I will not answer questions about illegal activities or about obtaining profit from violence or deceit. If somebody asks I will issue a refund and the transaction is canceled. (No problem about martial arts.)

Astrology cannot tell if someone has cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, COVID-19, or any other illness using Western modern medical terminology. So, I will not diagnose health problems using Western modern medical terminology.

Yes, if you wish to learn the astrology behind the consultation you may add the Horary Chart and Astrological Comments to your order.

I will write down and explain the reasoning and the technique used in the horary interpretation of your horary chart. This is like a horary astrology lesson. You can review the comments and the chart and ask me further clarification questions if you like.

Please note: this product is a license to use the the chart and the astrological comments from your Horary Interpretation exclusively for your personal use and study. Neither the chart nor the astrological comments are to be shared with third parties or published in any form without my written permission. I retain the ownership of the horary chart and the interpretation, and I reserve the right to publish them for educational and promotional purposes. Your personal information will always remain absolutely confidential.

Absolutely. Yes.

I do however hold the ownership of the horary charts and the interpretations and I reserve the right to publish them for educational and promotional purposes. Personal data, including your birth data (if given), will never be revealed without your written authorization.

Credit card and PayPal.

It takes time, knowledge, and insight to produce a horary chart interpretation. The consultation payment covers the time spent on the work performed. So, no refunds are issued in any circumstances.

This type of astrology is not necessarily about making people happy, although it may. Horary Astrology is concerned with showing things as they are in reality and reality is often uncomfortable or painful.

My service is for mature adults who know their own responsibility and are honest as to pay for a service rendered.

If you do not like the information I give you, or you do not agree with it or, if for a number of possible reasons outside my control, things turn out differently from my answers, please do not blame or harm the messenger, me.

You know what you are buying; you are buying information. I do my job and give you the information I receive from your friends above. That is the end of my commitment.

If you are unsure horary astrology is for you please do not purchase a consultation.

I received the diploma of “horary craftsman” from John Frawley, one of the greatest living masters of Traditional Astrology. And I studied Traditional Medical Astrology with Oscar Hofman. I have studied, researched, practiced, and contributed to the development of the body of Traditional Astrological Knowledge since 2005.

I offer tuition on Traditional Horary Astrology and Medical Astrology through my online Traditional Medical Astrology Academy.

horary astrologer felipe oliveira

If you have any further questions that qre not answered here, feel free to contact me. 

— Felipe Oliveira, Horary Astrologer

Horary Astrology Consultation

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