Horary Astrology Consultation

Learn Horary Astrology

Are you fascinated by what Traditional Astrology can do? Horary Astrologer Felipe Oliveira offers private courses, webinars and mentoring to committed students.

Embark on a journey to master horary astrology with expertly guided courses, and enhance your understanding of this precise astrological practice. As your instructor, I bring years of dedicated experience to each lesson, ensuring you grasp the nuances of interpreting crucial life questions through the understanding of astrological symbolism and correct technique. 


Horary and Medical Astrology. One-on-One tutor-apprentice courses.


Horary, Natal and Medical Astrology live webinars and video recordings.


Private mentoring on all aspects of Horary and Medical Traditional Astrology.

Feel inspired to deepen your astrological skills?

Choose from my tailored learning paths in horary astrology, and benefit from my personalized teaching approach. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your professional toolkit or satisfy personal curiosity, my courses are designed to transform your understanding and application of horary astrology.

Horary Astrology Consultation

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